We specialise in the early years of learning, supporting all students to reach their potential and achieve a great start to their education.


Preschools aim to prepare your child for the school years. They promote children’s physical, emotional, social, and cognitive development. They lay the groundwork for a solid start in kindergarten, and for excelling in elementary school and beyond


The primary purpose is to provide the community with a program that responds to not only the intellectual and physical needs, but also to the emotional and social needs of the developing child.


Recognizing that education is not limited to the classroom or academics, Preserved Generation nurtures the development of strong character and social skills to prepare our children to navigate an increasingly complex world

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Welcome Back to School

We are delighted to see the children again and hope they are raring to go for a great month of learning and progress. We are particularly pleased to welcome new families to the school. As ever, the key to the success of this Quater will be our partnership together so please do introduce yourselves to your child’s new teaching team in the next few weeks and if you have any concerns either about your child’s learning or an issue in school, please arrange a meeting with the class teacher.


Please free to contact us for more enquiry.

All children are able to take books home to read with an adult; this shared learning will help children to practice their reading skills and develop a lifelong love of reading. As well as teaching the skills necessary to become confident readers...

Contact With Us

Policies and procedures ensure quality. They make clear to all staff and parents the kind of setting the school runs so a cordial relationship can be maintained.

Spread of infection must be put under check. Children with communicable ailments will be asked to stay home. If a child develops illness in school, and it cannot be managed by the school, parents will be contacted to pick up the child. The Head of school must be notified if a pupil has medication or prescription.

Admission will be based on first come first serve bases. Pupils can admitted any term so long as there is space in the expected class. In addition the school has a waiting list, in case there are no available spaces. When such spaces are available, the initial names on the list will be considered.

Punctuality and regularity is compulsory, the school requires the cooperation of parents to achieve this. Children must know from an early age the importance of time keeping. Parents should be notified officially in case of absence from school.

The official school uniform must be worn to school on the specified days. Pupils must be neatly and smartly dressed. Nursery and lower primary wear black shoes and white socks, upper primary black shoes and black socks. Please note that good dressing helps build healthy self-esteem. No hair extensions and beads are allowed. All female hair should be neatly made. Hair styles on boys are not allowed

Certain standards of discipline are expected in all areas of school life. The following disciplinary measures are put in place to check bad behavior.
• Pupils get grounded (denied of certain kind of pleasures).
• Detention (child gets extra work to do).
• Formal notification to parents.

Regular home work is considered to be a necessary and useful part of school life, child training and parental involvement in a child’s academic life. We therefore expect all home works to be done and turned in promptly. Incomplete home works are not acceptable. Defaulters will be made to complete home work in their overtime.

All fees must be fully paid at the latest 2 weeks before resumption. School fees defaulters will not be allowed into school 2 weeks after resumption. Parents or pupils under any form of scholarship must bring documented evidence stating who cushions the bill.

Preserved Generation Schools has zero tolerance for bullying. Our school defines bullying as any repeated behavior or attitude by an individual or group that intentionally hurts another individual or group; either physically or emotionally. Such behavior or attitude can be: physical or verbal and includes; hitting, teasing, intimidating, name calling, ostracizing, damaging property, discriminating against culture, special needs pupils, harassments of pupils with disability. Bullying can take place between pupils, pupils and staff or between parents and staff. Our school is aware that bullying causes psychological damage to individuals. We have put the following in place to check the act of bullying:
1. Effective school leadership that operates open door policies where members of the school community are not afraid to express themselves appropriately.
2. In house and outdoor staff trainings to maintain staff awareness of possible incidents or acts of bullying.
3. Bringing to parents notice, at parents teachers forum of their role in our fight against bullying.
4. Getting pupils to deliver impromptu and planned speeches on bullying and anti-bullying.
5. Use of class teachers and prefects to help promote and support honest and open reporting.
6. Bringing to notice of teachers where bullying is most likely to occur e.g. play-ground, school bus, break and lunch periods.